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Are you aware that our thoughts, emotions and blocked energy fields within our bodies, mind and spirit can truly wreak havoc with our overall well-being? This can result as a negative effect on our life on so many different levels.

Life is challenging enough these days, without adding emotional difficult experiences or trauma (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual). Disruptions like this can manifest into anxiety, depression, stress, fears, worries, pain and even illness or "dis-ease".

I can help you with your healing through releasing of issues holding you back from moving forward in your life, so that you can live your best life or start living once again.

Working with the gentle loving Divine Angelic energy flow, I will help you heal yourself without opening up any old painful recent wounds or trauma of any sort. You can regain balance in your body and life resulting in feelings of confidence, sense of freedom, trust and most of all faith. Faith in yourself and the beautiful living soul spirit you are. Free yourself, heal yourself, heal your “Heart & Soul” and all that is you!

Peace and love,

Pinella O'Malley

Spiritual Angelic Therapy Healer, Medium, Animal Communicator

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