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What Is IET® and Where Did It Originate

Healing with the Angels...

This gentle, hands-on therapy was developed at the "Center of Being" in New York (www.learniet.com) by founder Stevan J. Thayer, who is also author of the book Interview with an Angel, a Reiki Master and an ordained minister. This healing method is inspired by the Angel Ariel, and uses the violet angelic energy ray to work directly with your 12-strand Spiritual DNA. This healing gently releases past restrictive emotional energy blocks within the body’s nine main cellular memory points. IET® is a gentle, safe approach to releasing blocked or suppressed cellular energy imprints, memories, emotions or karmic energy that can go back to past lives all the way through to our present life today. These blocks may be caused by suppressed feelings, emotional or physical trauma, fear, stress, limiting thoughts, beliefs and so much more. These blockages can lead to restricted energy flow, imbalance or "dis-ease" within our bodies. This healing not only takes place on a physical level, but also at an emotional, mental and spiritual level within our human energy field.

The Integrated Energy Therapy® healing technique has been described as the "next generation, hands on power energy therapy system that gets the issues out of your tissues for good!"

A gentle, yet powerful method for clearing the 9 main cellular memory points are triggered through the energy vibration with the practitioner being a conduit of the Angelic energy realm. Releasing of these suppressed and blocked emotions allows the client to heal, and move forward in living a more fulfilling, empowering life.

"Heal the world one-heart & soul-at-a-time".


What To Expect At An IET® Session

While gentle, calming music plays in the background, the client lays relaxed on the massage table fully clothed with comfortable blankets and pillow. I connect in with divine and Angelic heartlink® and begin the integrating of energy. The release of negative emotion takes place and is followed through with replacement and imprint of opposite positive emotional energy. Not only does this clearing happen in the body but the re-energising of the human energy field takes place as well. This is done through gentle hand placement at each of the 9 specific cellular points. Clearing of the blockages happens immediately during the therapy session, and the client does not have to process any of it. Often they are usually in a very relaxed and calm state of being throughout the session.

Clients tend to feel a sense of transformation during and or after the session. They may feel or experience movement of energy at the time of the healing. Other sensations or feelings they may experience is lightness, happiness and a sense of restored vitality and overall sense of well being.

This is not only wonderfully transformative and healing for adults but for children as well.

I am grateful to Karen Fiorucci for this wonderful teaching of Divine, Angelic healing known as, Integrated Energy Therapy®

1 hr $75.00 (Sessions may run past time)

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Angel Communication

During a one-on-one session, through Angelic connection and communication with our Archangels and angel guides, we can receive help, healing guidance and inspiration.

I can help you help yourself in healing, cord cutting and clarity, in areas such as relationships, careers, health, life's purpose and more. I can also help with struggles of something going on in your life. In a positive and loving way, I can help with clarity, so you can courageously break free, move forward and live your true soul's happiness.

Connecting with our Angelic realm takes place with loving and positive intentions. They are here and waiting to hear from us, all we have to do is call upon them and ask for their loving guidance and help.

30 mins $30.00
1 hr $60.00
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Learning mediumship and connecting with our dearly departed loved ones is an incredible gift to those that are left to live life and carry on. The most profound benefit of connecting with our loved ones is knowing “Yes, there is life after life!" The life of the soul does indeed continue on after it leaves us here on this earth's plane.

Emotional healing can take place from questions left unanswered, unresolved conflicts and forgiveness that we may harbour within us. There is comfort in knowing they are not in pain any more, or we get the opportunity to say goodbye. One thing to keep in mind is "Every soul chooses its passing and they are ok with it." When I connect in with our loved ones who have passed on I do this with the utmost respect to everyone involved during my session.

I work with Divine loving energy, the assistance of our Archangels, Ascended Masters spirit guides, beings and guardian angels. I ask for them to oversee us during this time and do this with pure love and light intentions

30 min for $30.00
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Animal Communication

My love for my pets, especially our dearly departed Gemma, an Irish Water Spaniel, who blessed my family and I with her presence for 13 years, has led me to the learning desire of communicating with animals. The love, understanding and connection I had with her was something unexplainable, and when the time came that we had to let her go, I felt a deep loss and missed her dearly. She came into our lives, taught us to laugh with her, cry, love, play and just be with her.

There were times she was our rock, just looking into her penny-coloured eyes was a feeling of great comfort. It is her I have to be thankful for, leading me to learn animal communication. Our family was truly blessed when she came into our life. I am a strong believer that animals come into our lives to help us, teach us, and to love in so many ways. They are some of our greatest teachers and we need to listen to them and to honor them, they have a lot to tell us!

Is your pet in need of healing of any sort or do you have concerns with their behavioral issues? During a session with your pet, I will connect with a heart link and telepathically communicate with your loving pet. We can together help in releasing, and resolving your pets issues in areas of emotions, worries, and healing with any behavioral and health issues. I do this work with loving intention for the overall well being and healing of your pet and the connection you have with them. Communicating with animals is truly an honour for me when an animal allows us into their "Heart & Soul" to make that connection. This can take place in person or distance with a photograph of your pet.

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Formless Movement

We are all forms of energy.... This is a quick free form of healing, with the blending of our divine source and inner energy. It takes place in person or through distance healing. Energy movement and release allows for space balance and harmony within our bodies. I use this healing on its own, allowing it to evolve with me as the practitioner, or I combine it with IET. Creator Norman Ng teaches this healing technique along with his philosophy on self awareness, mindfulness and oneness through energy.

"Formless movement is the evolution of energy healing not bound by traditional chains" Norm Ng. (www.formlessmovement.com). "Join the Movement"

15 mins $25.00
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"We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more" ~ Carl Jung

Astrology has been largely misunderstood due to the way many have handled it. Astrology is a tool and those who have studied it can tell you it's just a language that has rules and guidelines which when followed correctly, lead to the deciphering of this language.

Everybody has a birth date and so everybody has a unique birth chart. This is your cosmic fingerprint that is as unique as you are! I am here to help you do exactly that. Reach down and simultaneously high above and find out why certain behaviors are hard to break out of, what your talents or your weaknesses are and what you can do about it.

Astrology is here to draw up a psychological profile on you for a better understanding of yourself which can be used as a tool for whoever wants to dig deeper into their psyche. Astrology's function is to discover our inmost nature and to bring it out into our consciousness and for all its complexity, astrology remains fundamentally simple. It offers a time-honoured system of symbols that sum up key aspects of human life, while providing profound insights and practical guidance, nothing more nothing less!

If you feel the need to dive into the waters of your Astral Blueprint, feel free to message me!

Natal Chart interpretations by e-mail at $100 CAD (consists of a thorough analysis of your house cusps, planet positions and aspects. About 20 to 30 pages) Love Compatibility report by e-mail at $130 CAD (consists of 4 charts that show how compatible or not you and your other half is. The analysis is thorough and detailed consisting of about 30 pages)

Short report forecast by e-mail at $70 CAD (consists of the major aspects that are affecting you right now and for years to come) Detailed 12 month forecast by e-mail at $150 CAD (consists of major and minor aspects affecting long and short term, using a variety of wheels and readings i.e. Solar Return, Solar Arc and transits)

Christiana K


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