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I met Pinella when she was first developing her skills. I was in a rough place in my life and she had offered some healing sessions on me using Intergrated Energy Therapy, (IET). The experience with Pinella was far more than a one-way transfer of energy and hard to imagine at the time she was just starting out! I felt safe and comfortable. Her home, her aura, and her being is extremely warm and inviting. She shared her own personal story of healing with me and through her intuitive and personable approach she honestly gave me hope for my own future. She helped me to discover the door to the strength and healing potential within me. Working with her has given me the confidence to tap into my own personal power. I have much gratitude and love for the kindness, knowledge and encouragement you have given me. Thank you Pinella you have helped me in more ways than you can imagine.

-Jessica G

Words are too poor to describe the life changing experience I had with Pinella. She is wonderful, gentle – ethereal I would say - and highly intuitive to your needs and knows exactly where your energy blocks are. After only one session a ton of weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt 100 pounds lighter, my dizziness had gotten much better and my panic attacks gradually stopped! After struggling for years with unknown causes and mysterious symptoms that western medicine could not understand and thus help me, I ran into Pinella by divine intervention (I Believe now) and she completely turned my life around. Pinella you are a kind soul who only wants to help and that reflects in your work. Thank you for everything!

-C K

I have had the wonderful opportunity of receiving an IET session from Pinella. Experiencing such an emotional release and amazing energy flow throughout my body. I feel this releasing of blocked emotions has helped me move forward with my life today, giving me a sense of clarity. The overall experience with the gentle music and the calming feeling during the session was very soothing, I felt an overall lightness with my mind, body and spirit. I am thankful for the healing that took place in just 1 session. Pinella practices this healing wholeheartedly and does this without judgment. Thank you so much!

-Patricia M

It was about a year and a half ago when I met Pinella. I had gone through some medical trauma and I needed some help in getting back to a normal down to earth life. I had no idea what all this was about, as I had never heard of I.E.T. (Integrated Energy Therapy). I went for a number of sessions and I noticed that every time I had a treatment I felt more relaxed and felt a positive energy come over me that I didn’t feel before. Pinella helped me move forward with my life. She introduced me to angels and archangels and to be aware that they are always with us in time of need. I am very grateful for the healing that I received during my sessions with her. Thank you.

-Rose C.

Hi Pinella,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to connect with Baxter, I truly feel it has done him a world of good. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Okay here goes, I am referring to some notes I made that day after I read your email, and notes I jotted down after I picked him up from boarding that same weekend.

Firstly, I received your email a couple hours after it was sent and the connection was made, but I must tell you, that as soon as I read your email, I recalled when I had Baxter outside earlier that day around the time that you were connected with him. Baxter was sitting in his usual favourite spot on the deck and i noticed his head moving side to side and raised like he was looking or listening for something...I remember this because I was talking to him asking him what was up? Did he hear something (I talk to him all the time when we are at home together...lol)

We came into the house about 15 mins later and he followed me upstairs, at which point I was beginning to pack my overnight bag. Baxter gave it a quick sniff and then calmly walked away and went downstairs to lay in his second favourite spot on the couch downstairs. I should interrupt at this point to say that was at a point when you were still connected to him. I should also say that that was out of character for Baxter. He usually gets a bit agitated when he sees me pack and starts panting...sometimes he even follows me around the house right at my heels and tries to enter doorways at the same time as me, but that morning he calmly went downstairs. Heeding your advice from previous conversations, I went downstairs once I was done packing, (at this point you had disconnected but i hadn't read your email yet) and I sat with him, and told him I loved him and that we were going out of town and that he would be staying somewhere else for a couple days and that I would be coming to pick him up from that place on Monday which was in a couple days.

Upon returning to the kennel, Baxter received a great report card. No barking or whining (which usually happens), no snipping or aggressive behaviour and he was in happy spirits when they brought him out!

I have to say I was really worried about leaving him in boarding that weekend but your message calmed me and reassured me...and I'm pretty sure it was your words and healing energy tat calmed his anxiety too!

On a separate note and In regards to images you received in reference to walking, there is a place at the end of the street that I have taken Baxter to for small walks and it's funny that you mentioned it, but there is access to the river there, and the pathway is away from the traffic and is under a canopy of trees.

As you are aware, my life is under going some changes as is Baxter's and we have been travelling back and forth together from Toronto to Hamilton. He is being introduced to new people and surroundings and getting his bearings and becoming comfortable in Rick's house. , and most importantly with his kids. One thing I should mention is Baxter hasn't really been socialised around kids so seeing how he would react and behave and adjust around them was something I was on guard about. in that case, he has been great with! I do notice that now when I bring him back home with me (after a weekend for example), he seems a bit lethargic and depressed for the first day. Perhaps it is just more change than the little guy is used to but I would love for you to be able to connect with him again at some point as I feel he is a work in progress. He has many deep rooted issues as you are well aware of from the brief time you connected with him.

I will heed your advice to keep communicating with him and reassuring him that he is loved and every time i leave the house I let him know that I am coming back.

Thanks again Pinella.

-Becky xo

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